The USGA Handicap System is the method that best allows golfers of all abilities to compete on an equal basis on any given course. Your handicap index is figured according to a mathematical formula and is based on your score, as well as the length and difficulty of the course you play. Your handicap index reflects your playing potential because it is based on the best scores posted over a given number of rounds, ideally the best 10 scores of your last 20 rounds. However, you only need 5 scores to establish a handicap index.

How do I get a Handicap Index?

EWGA provides a handicap service as a part of your membership. This is included with the EWGA Golf Net that is offered to every member affiliated with an EWGA Chapter. In order to use this service you must first activate your Golf Net account. You then must enter a minimum of 5 scores to establish your handicap.

  Is a Handicap Required?

As a member becomes more experienced in playing the game of golf, the EWGA encourages all members to obtain an official Handicap. All EWGA members affiliated with a Chapter have the opportunity to obtain an official handicap through the EWGA Golf Net System. Access to this system is included in Regular membership dues.

While you are not required to maintain a handicap index, handicaps will be required to participate in some chapter events.  A handicap will also allow you to play in outside tournaments. Many clubs and private tournaments require them.

Go to http://www.ewga.com
Click 'Member Clubhouse'
Login and  Click 'HANDICAP'

Need additional information or help, contact Gail Gates; golfergirl488@gmail.com

Mobile App for Handicap

Download the EWGA mobile app and record your score before leaving the course.


You download the app just like you do most apps for smartphones and tablets – from Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App store.  You can go to either store and just type in EWGA to find the app. I use Android devices, so my instructions are based on that.

  • Once you download the app onto your device, open the app and you will have to log in.  
  • Once you log in you will be at the Home page.  
  • The first thing you will want to do is to go to settings and set up the app specifically for how you will want to use it.  Settings is under the options list (4 lines top to bottom in the upper right-hand corner)
  • Somethings you can set:
    • Post Type (HBH - Hole-by-Hole or TS- Totoal Score)
    • Auto Step Advance (used when posting HBH)
    • Auto Sync (so scores are automatically published to your online account) 
    • Language
  • From both the Home Page and the Options list on any page.
  • Posting scores works pretty much like it does online:
    • specify your course and tees
    • Set the date
    • click the cog to the right of the date and specify
      • 18 holes or front or back 9
      • Whether you played with a member
      • Whether you are entering a Tournament Score
    • Enter your score (HBH or TS).
  • From the Home page there are tabs to view your history, the scores that make up your handicap and your revisions